Jpmorgan began negotiations on the merger of his blockchain unit with Consensys

The JPMorgan Chase financial holding is negotiating the merger of its Quorum Blockchalter with the Ethereum Consensys Development Studio.

According to Reuters, although the conditions are still discussed, but officially about the transaction can declare in the next six months. The source from Jpmorgan refused to tell reporters details, but the merger should not affect

It is noteworthy that the Quorum network runs on the ETHEREUM platform. In addition to Iin and other financial products, the JPM Coin Tocken is also created, intended for instantaneous translations of funds between organizations.

It is also unknown to join QUORUM from 25 people to Consensys after a merger, since last week the development studio announced the restructuring and reducing 14% of their staff.

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The pilot of the reactive ward has established a new height record, soared by 1.8 km

With the help of a costume with wings and jet engines, Vince Ruffet took off to a height of 1,800 meters and successfully landed.

Flight Prothege IVA Russia, in addition to the rise, included a series of maneuvers, turns and hangs. Starting from the Skydive runway in Dubai, Vince Reffteth took off at a height of 1.8 km in just 30 seconds, the average speed was about 215 km / h. After reaching the goal, it used the parachute on which he descended for about three minutes.

Before establishing a new record, the pilot made more than 50 preparatory flights and worked about 100 different options for takeoff and landing to make sure the security system reliability.

According to the team of Jetman engineers, in the future they plan to make a safe landing without a parachute possible, but this will require a lot of effort and time.

The achievement of a new record contributed to the recent

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Italian regulator closed eight checkpoints for the exchange and trade of cryptocompany

The Commission on the Supervision of the Securities Market and the Exchange of Italy (Consob) has closed six sites for the exchange of cryptocurrency and two to trade their derivatives due to the violation of the law.

The regulator referred to the fact that 8 FX sites illegally provide trading services and products, thereby disrupting several regulatory acts at once.

In order to protect investors, the Italian authorities in 2016 adopted the EU resolution that any transaction related to the exchange of cryptocurrencies to Fiat was not taxed. However, the financial results of these operations are subject to taxation (profit or loss). Consob considered that, since the platforms are not followed by the fulfillment of these requirements, their activities are illegal.

The Italian Senate Committee on Corporate Affairs also took up this issue and instructed to create a guide to regulate all finance and IT companies using electronic currency. Since cryptoproders must obey the same rules as traditional operators.

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision also wants financial institutions to be prudent and with caution to work with virtual assets, so I decided to establish

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IOTA will resume its work until March 2

The IOTA Foundation stated that the network will be launched again until March 2, after emergency shutdown to stop the attack on Trinity wallets.

The non-profit organization reported that it was already developing tools that would help users safely translate their tokens from existing addresses to new ones. After completing the displacement of funds, the project team will again launch the network.

Last week developers

Currently, it is known at least about 50 attacks affected, which total about $ 2 million was kidnapped. However, the exact number of Hacker’s victims is still specified.

According to the project leadership, the attacker took advantage of the vulnerability of the MoonPay exchange platform built into the Trinity wallet, through which he was able to distribute malicious software.

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How quantum computers will solve the problems that we do not even guess

After decades of experiments, billions of dollars investment worldwide and insecurity in success, researchers still proved that a quantum computer can work more efficiently traditional. Previously, Google published

First of all, quantum computers can make widely used encryption codes outdated, which stimulates some financial organizations and institutions to develop new type protective algorithms. In addition, the technology will help to solve the mass of business problems related to the optimization of individual organizational processes and all the company’s activities as a whole.

The potential of these devices is so huge that it will allow for few minutes to find answers to questions, unbearable for traditional calculation methods, or solve the problems that no one can even realize.

For example, how to avoid electricity losses when it passes through the power lines, how to use nitrogen in the air to create fertilizers for plants, or determine which molecules need to be connected to get new vital medications without spending time and money for years of laboratory research without Any guarantees for success.

All these problems combine their complexity and secrets of amazing interactions of the subatomic world. It is here that the fancy logic of quantum mechanics comes into play.

The fact is that in quantum mechanics the rules to which we are accustomed and can observe around, for example, as Newton described by Newton, do not work. In our world, objects are in a certain state, position and move in a particular direction. For classical calculations, this means that the main unit of information (bit) can be only 0 or 1.

The strange rules of quantum mechanics allow elementary particles, such as electrons or photons, not have a simple, specific state. That is, they can simultaneously be a wave field and matter, to have an infinite number of possible positions at each time of time, to disappear without a trace of one place and immediately appear in the other.

It is these particle features and are used in quantum transistors that are the main components of computing devices.

However, the Google team decided to go further and combine quantum mechanics with information technology. This allowed researchers to get a combination, which, according to them, instead of simply specifying up or down (0 or 1), can display each point in any direction around the sphere. Such a multitasking system can simultaneously handle much more information.

Being in confusing states, quantum bits (qubits) can interact with each other, which allows them to combine them to solve specific tasks.

At the same time, in contrast to the classic computer, which methodically lays its way to answer through two possible values, quantum chaotically rushes in search of a suitable result until it reaches the target. Therefore, in the course of this process, minor miscalculations and deviations may occur, which gradually accumulate and can lead to errors that today is one of their main problems of technology. However, scientists are already developing the methods of combating errors.

Most likely, quantum calculations will not be used in your next smartphone, but over the next ten-year, they may gradually penetrate our daily life.

The truth is that no one knows exactly how this technology changes the world. The effect may manifest itself in new engineering approaches, unexpected chemical formulas, ways to solve climate change problems or increase energy efficiency.

The researchers themselves cannot predict in which directions quantum computers will work better than traditional, since they cannot provide for all possible aspects.

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Fiat Chrysler will launch a drone taxi service by mid 2020

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced that, together with the AUTOX startup plans to bring unmanned taxis on the roads of large Chinese cities.

The artificial intelligence system developed by Autox will be installed on Chrysler Pacificas cars. Startup adapted local driving styles for navigation in complex and dynamic urban conditions.

According to partners, robotaxix services can be launched in cities such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, already in the first half of 2020.

In recent years, Fiat Chrysler has noticeably lagging behind its main competitors in the field of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. However, cooperation with Waymo, Foxconn and Autox should change the situation and help the automaker, at least reduce the break.

Nevertheless, FCA will face serious competition in the Chinese market, where since 2017 the authorities have been allowed to carry out open tests of unmanned vehicles on public roads and companies such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent are actively developing their own platforms.

Autonomous control systems are quickly improved and recently unmanned truck for the first time.

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Airbus presented a prototype of a single aircraft without a separate fuselage

Airbus provided a new model of a passenger aircraft with a reduced fuselage, which externally creates the visibility of one large wing.

On the Singapore Airshow, the French Aircraft Gigant demonstrated the prototype of the innovative concept of the Maveric aircraft. Its design more resembles a «flying wing» type glider, commonly used for military bombers. Another difference from traditional standards is the location of engines, which are attached to vertical stabilizers above the rear of the aircraft.

Although Maveric is similar to transport from a sci-fi film, but Airbus claims that such a design reduces fuel consumption by 20% and improves aerodynamic characteristics.

The fusion of wings with the fuselage also makes it possible to upgrade the cabin and salon. A new design will make the inside of the aircraft wider and increase the total space. Therefore, it will be free on board and the ability to reduce the workload will appear.

Until now, only a remotely managed model was created with a wings of 3.2 meters, which engineers were used to test the viability of the Maveric concept. Since Airbus is one of the largest air producers of the world, actively implementing innovative developments, it is possible that soon we will be able to see aircraft with a solid wing on commercial flights.

Earlier, Airbus also introduced the concept of an airplane with feathers

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Aksakov is confident that the State Duma will take the law on Central Supply Spring

The Chairman of the Committee on the Financial Market of the State Duma of the Russian Federation expects the adoption of the Law on Digital Financial Assets in the Spring Session.

Anatoly Aksakov said at the TASS press conference that he was 99.9% confident that the issue with the draft law would be resolved in this spring.

The deputy also noted that the Russian business needs this regulatory act, since it will allow companies to use blockchain in their commercial activities, both within the country and abroad.

The draft law on the Central Federal District was the first reading in the State Duma in May 2018, but his further discussion led to disagreements among working groups on

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Two Japanese were arrested for obtaining cryptocurrency associated with the largest in the history of cryptobiri robbery

Tokyo, two men were arrested for obtaining NEM coins associated with CoinCheck cryptocheck for $ 530 million.

Metropolitan police department detained a thirty-year-old doctor from Hokkaido and the head of the company in Osaka of the same age. According to the Jiji Press publication, the cause of arrest was suspicion of receipt of income from illegal activities, which is a direct violation of the law on combating organized crime.

The investigative service claims that men acquired stolen nemicoins, for the movement of which law enforcement agencies were monitored from the moment of hacking CoinCheck, originally knowing about their origin. According to the police, for some time these men have exchanged it on other cryptocurrencies after receiving NEM.

These are the first arrests on the case of hacking Coinckeck and the stealing of its clients of Nemikinov at $ 530 million in 2018, although after the incident, an investigative group of 100 people was formed. Investigators hope that promotion will help them go to the trail of hackers.

According to

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The ZCASH community approved a new schedule for the distribution of remuneration for mining

The ZCASH community voted for a new scheme for the distribution of remuneration for mining to ensure stable development of cryptocurrency.

In accordance with the new model, the miners will continue to receive its 80% awards for the closure of each new block, but the remaining 20% will now be distributed among project development funds: 8% will be used for grants to third-party developers, 7% will go Electric Coin Company, Companies, standing behind the brand of coin, and 5% will receive ZCash Foundation.

According to the community, the increase in grants will further contribute to the further strengthening of the decentralization of the network.

Changes in the distribution structure should enter into force in November 2020, but they still expect approval by the ZCASH and ECC Foundation.

The current model provides that from the highlighted 20% remuneration for mining, 15% are found by founders and investors, and the remaining 5% of Electric Coin.

While ZCASH approved changes in the distribution of funds, Community Bitcoin Cash

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