What happened on the Moscow Exchange?


Indeed, the story is not the most pleasant.

Outcome: collapses in a number of securities.

Traditionally, of course, Chubais.


If a person is in a hurry to sell his papers in a panic at any price — because he has read all sorts of stuff on the Internet — why should the stock exchange stop him in this impulse? Why?

True, the exchange is fast

As a public and transparent organization, it, of course, sprinkled ashes on its head and promised “to do everything possible and impossible, and in general everything in its power …” However, forgive me for being naive. And should the exchange treat the heads of tantrums?

I am by no means an attorney for the stock exchange. But in the situation that took place, the questions are primarily to themselves.


Hong Kong:



Moscow exchange is in trend. However, on any stock exchange in the world, most often not everyone is allowed to trade on the premarket and postmarket. And liquidity is much weaker there. The pros are aware.

Therefore, let’s blame ourselves for our troubles and jambs, and not Chubaisov.

I couldn’t help speaking.

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