Venezuela will start selling oil and jet fuel for cryptocurrency


President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro instructed the state oil and gas company to sell oil for the National Cryptocurrency Petro.

According to the signed decree, in the near future Petroleum of Venezuela (PDVSA) should be implemented in this way 4.5 million barrels of oil or 15% of the existing

After the initial major sales, in the future, the company will also need to take another 50 thousand barrels of black gold to distribute and develop Petro. In the future, the president wants to translate all commercial oil transactions to the national cryptocurrency.

In addition, Nicholas Maduro ruled that henceforth all fuel for aircraft serving international flights, the same should be sold for Petro. According to him, this mechanism will allow the country to pave the way to a new economy and promote international integration.

The President believes that the ubiquitous use of national cryptocurrencies will help in the fight against organized crime, which prefers dollars.

Earlier, all branches of Bank Venezuela already

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