Two Japanese were arrested for obtaining cryptocurrency associated with the largest in the history of cryptobiri robbery


Tokyo, two men were arrested for obtaining NEM coins associated with CoinCheck cryptocheck for $ 530 million.

Metropolitan police department detained a thirty-year-old doctor from Hokkaido and the head of the company in Osaka of the same age. According to the Jiji Press publication, the cause of arrest was suspicion of receipt of income from illegal activities, which is a direct violation of the law on combating organized crime.

The investigative service claims that men acquired stolen nemicoins, for the movement of which law enforcement agencies were monitored from the moment of hacking CoinCheck, originally knowing about their origin. According to the police, for some time these men have exchanged it on other cryptocurrencies after receiving NEM.

These are the first arrests on the case of hacking Coinckeck and the stealing of its clients of Nemikinov at $ 530 million in 2018, although after the incident, an investigative group of 100 people was formed. Investigators hope that promotion will help them go to the trail of hackers.

According to

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