The representative of the Central Bank of Japan said that the country must be prepared for digital yen


According to the Deputy Governing Bank of Japan, Masajashi Amamia, the country should continue to explore the digital currency of the Central Bank (CBDC), even if its release in the near future is not planned.

According to Reuters, at today’s seminar in Tokyo, he said that due to the rapid development of Finteha, the public demand for CBDC in Japan can sharply increase. Therefore, it is very important for the country to form your own technological base.

Although Masayshi Amamia reported that the Central Bank does not yet plan to issue a digital yen due to potential risks for fiscal policies and security difficulties that require additional study. However, it believes that the Bank of Japan should be ready to respond to the launch of Libra and Digital Yuan.

This statement sounded after a couple of days after the 70 deputies of the ruling party of the country reported on the intention to offer the Central Bank to develop digital yen.

Despite the call for the preparation of the soil for its own CBDC, Masayshi Amamia believes that no central bank

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