The pilot of the reactive ward has established a new height record, soared by 1.8 km


With the help of a costume with wings and jet engines, Vince Ruffet took off to a height of 1,800 meters and successfully landed.

Flight Prothege IVA Russia, in addition to the rise, included a series of maneuvers, turns and hangs. Starting from the Skydive runway in Dubai, Vince Reffteth took off at a height of 1.8 km in just 30 seconds, the average speed was about 215 km / h. After reaching the goal, it used the parachute on which he descended for about three minutes.

Before establishing a new record, the pilot made more than 50 preparatory flights and worked about 100 different options for takeoff and landing to make sure the security system reliability.

According to the team of Jetman engineers, in the future they plan to make a safe landing without a parachute possible, but this will require a lot of effort and time.

The achievement of a new record contributed to the recent

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