The next head of the Bank of England: «Bitcoins buyers should be prepared for the loss of all their money»


Andrew Bailey, who will soon be headed by the Bank of England, once again warned investors that the purchase of cryptocurrencies may end the loss of funds.

Earlier, Andrew Bailey was Deputy Managing Central Bank of Great Britain, but recently was appointed his next leader. He must enter the new position on March 16, 2020.

Speaking on Wednesday to the UK Parliament, Bailey confirmed his former position in terms of cryptocurrency market.

According to him, the value of Bitcoin can not be guaranteed by anyone and it has no real internal value, so those who want to buy it should be good to understand that in the end they can lose all their money.

It seems that the next chapter will revise the policy of the Bank of England in terms of cryptocurrency and stelkopinov. Since the retired Mark Carney is previously

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