The next generation hard disk with the optical data recording system was invented.


Scientists presented the technology of a more efficient hard disk consisting of a combination of photosensitive and ferromagnetic materials.

The demand for hard drives is growing rapidly, because the number of files processed by users and their volume is constantly increasing, and more advanced software is being developed. Despite the fact that modern devices for long-term storage of data have a long service life and a fairly low price, they need to increase speed and capacity.

The team of physicists from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne has developed the technology of a reversible light-induced record of magnetic bits. To do this, they used Sandwiches from photosensitive (MAPBI) and ferromagnetic (LSMO) materials. If the light is hit on the perovskite coating, it transmits charged particles in the LSMO layer and reduces its magnetism.

This technology is still experimental, but scientists argue that it will become the basis for the next-generation storage devices, since it allows you to create systems with greater capacity and lower power consumption. Such magneto-optical hard drives do not require special operating conditions and operate at room temperature.

Previously researchers also

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