The leadership of the Bank of England fears that private stelumes will become more sought after CBDC


Sarah John, the chief cashier of the Bank of England, expressed its concern that in the field of digital payments, private companies can oust central banks.

In an interview with The Telegraph, she said that at present the central banks are actively studying the issue of the release of digital currencies, as a way to counter private projects. However, the inaction in the end may lead to the fact that the regulators will become catching up in this race, and the proposals of technological companies will be more sought after.

Therefore, Sarah John called on central banks to think about further prospects and offer the best product so as not to lose in the competitive struggle.

Last week, the Chairman of the Council on Financial Stability Randal Kuorlz also

However, not all central banks ignore innovation. Rixbank and People’s Bank of China already

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