The Bitcoin network has already processed more than 500 million transactions


According to the analytical site of Blockosain Statoshi, for the entire existence of the Batcino blockchain, more than 500 million transactions have been confirmed in it.

Representatives of the project reported that the frontier in half a billion operations was passed at an altitude of 61,6064 block.

The first registered Bitcoin transaction was made more than 11 years ago, January 12, 2009. In it, Satoshi Nakamoto sent 10 VTS Halla Finni, after which he launched the mining process.

On October 5, 2009, cryptocurrency was first appreciated in fither equivalent. Then 100 MTS could be bought for $ 0.43.

After about six months, the first in the history of the purchase of physical goods for Bitcoin was performed. These were two famous pizza that Laslo Whean ordered for 10,000 VTS.

Bitcoin continues to develop and gain popularity and its blockchain continues to continuously form new blocks.

Despite the overall growth, HODL again became the most popular strategy among cryptoin investors. According to the study of the Fintech-company Digital Assets Data,

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