Six central banks agreed to jointly explore the digital currency


Japan’s central banks, European Union, Great Britain, Sweden, Canada and Switzerland, together with the Bank of International Claims, have created a working group for research in the field of digital currency of the Central Bank.

Financial institutions have agreed to share their own experience with other participants and combine their efforts to study the prospects for using CBDC. The group will explore the use of digital currencies, their economic, functional and technical base, as well as compatibility. At the same time, it will coordinate its activities with the Financial Stability Council, the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure and other similar structures.

The research team will work under the leadership of the Head of the Innovative Center of the Bank of International Claims of Benouua Kura and Deputy Governor of England John Kaliff, and high-ranking representatives of collaborating Central Bank will include.

Earlier, the chairman of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagard, also noted the increased interest of a number of countries to digital currencies, as well as

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