Singapore will begin to cook beer from peeled wastewater


Since July, in Singapore stores, they will start selling a new beer grade made of desalinated and purified wastewater.

Singapore will use recycled drinking water for craft brewing. The production of a new variety of alcoholic beverage, called Newbrew, will be engaged in the Brewerkz local brewery, which has already agreed on all the questions with the National Water Supply Agency.

Beer made of filtered and disinfected water will be preserved and distributed through the FairPrice supermarkets network. Although it will be sold, as well as the traditional, but its number will be limited. At the same time, about 10 thousand liters of the hint beverage will be produced for presentation and tasting by the participants of the July Conference of the International Water Week in Singapore.

The organizers of the event want to show the importance of recycling and recycling water, as well as its perfect cleanliness and safety for consumption.

The Singapore government launched the NEWATER purified water production initiative in 2000, and already commissioned already five stations that satisfy 40% of local drinking water needs. By 2060 it is planned that advanced recycling and desalination systems will be able to provide up to 85% of the needs.

Innovation affect not only production methods, but also the composition of the drinks. For example, last year, Professor David Natt invented synthetic alcohol

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