Russians reached the final of the contest for the development of personal aircraft supported by Boeing


The Moscow company for the production of Drons Aeroxo reached the final of the International Competition for the Development of Individual Flying Transport Gofly, whose largest sponsor is Boeing.

More than 850 teams from 103 countries took part in the competition, but only five came to the final. The main requirements for participation in Gofly is the development of a project of a personal aircraft, which is capable of flying 32 km at a speed of at least 55.5 km / h with a pilot weighing at least 90 kg, not exceeding the noise threshold of 87 dB. At the same time, they should take off and land vertically (or almost).

Aeroxo reached the final with a flying motorcycle project with rotors located in pairs on the front and rear vehicle.

The main prize will also fight the developers of the Silver1 S1 compact electrical apparatus with a closed cabin and two huge motors.

Dragonair offers the use of a flying equivalent of segregation, with eight propellers feeding from the battery. In addition to manual control using hands and body housing, Airboard 2.0 is equipped with a computer stabilization system.

A slightly similar concept was presented by a team from Texas A & M University. Their option resembles a modified ski barrel with two propellers.

DragonAir Aviation project is a personal aircraft in the form of a platform with a pilot seat surrounded by eight-protected rotors. Management is carried out using the joystick and console.

Winners will be somewhat and each of them will receive $ 250 thousand, and another $ 100 thousand will be awarded the «breakthrough» project. The main sponsor of the competition was the aerospace company Boeing, which highlighted $ 1 million to the prize fund. Support also provided corporations such as Pratt & Whitney and Dell Technologies.

Perhaps Boeing is looking for technical solutions for a joint project with Porsche

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