Positive Technologies cost estimate — $ 1.85 billion.


The company is developing promising solutions in this area, and its products are very in demand in the market.

So, the «Positive group» offers customers more than 10 solutions.

Here, for example, several key products:

Rating agency «Expert RA»

First of all, this is, of course, the growth of financial indicators, as well as the state of debt burden. So, in 2020, the company’s EBITDA increased almost 3 times, and the ratio of net financial debt to EBITDA decreased by almost 4 times.

Thus, according to the «Expert RA», the share in the segment of security analysis systems is about 60-70%, in the security monitoring segment of the order of 30-40% and in the segment of firewalls at 35-40%.

According to our estimates, it can become a very extraordinary and interesting event on the Russian stock market. Still, large players from the sphere of cyber security is something new.

On the eve of the listing, we decided to write about the «group of positive» a small analytical review.

In it, we reviewed the main aspects of the market related to the company, with financial indicators and the prognosis, as well as risks.

If briefly, the company, according to our estimates, has a good potential for organic growth, even despite the risks associated with the sanctions.

The general picture is improved by the fact that the company is actively innovative activities, deals with research and development of new products.

These theses we reflected in the forecast of financial indicators.

In addition, we conducted an express assessment by comparing with analogue companies.

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