Nasdaq: how interesting are the shares of one of the largest exchanges in the world?


In addition to NASDAQ New York, the company operates 10 other exchanges both in the US and abroad. About 3,700 companies are traded on NASDAQ New York, their total capitalization is approaching $20 trillion. Most of the world’s most important technology companies are represented here.

At the same time, this year the shares of the exchange show outstripping growth in relation to the indices: since the beginning of the year, the shares of the exchange have grown by 55% against the growth of 27% and 22% for the Nasdaq 100 and Nasdaq Composite, respectively. In general, stock exchanges tend to be more volatile than indices.

The income of the exchange depends not so much on the dynamics of quotations, but on the volume of transactions, new listings and interest around listed companies: the larger it is, the higher the demand for analytics and related services.

• 38% market services, including trading in securities, derivatives and currencies, clearing, brokerage services.

• 31% investment analytics: market data, development of indices and products under the Nasdaq brand, analytics for professional market participants.

• 18% company listing and other corporate services

• 12% technology solutions for market infrastructure operators in over 50 countries.



For the latter, by the way, we are preparing a sectoral review, which will soon be published in our

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