LG service robot has begun to deliver orders to visitors Seoul Restaurant


LG has launched its new CLOI service robot, which now delivers food to the tables of visitors to Seoul Restaurant Chejjemyunso.

According to the announcement, Cloi Servebot is able to independently bring up to four trays with customer orders, avoiding obstacles in its path. After the visitors finished the meal, he can return to their tables to pick up dishes and take her back to the kitchen.

The service robot is additionally equipped with a digital display, in which various facial expressions are displayed during the service or during the detour of obstacles. While driving, he also loses music, warning others about his presence.

Representatives of LG argue that Cloi Servebot is useful for delivering very hot dishes and heavy trays, with which the waiters are difficult to manage.

Competition in this market segment is rapidly increasing, because previously Softbank Robotics

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