Invented plate, reinforcing Wi-Fi signal 10 times


Engineers have developed a smart plate that performs the function of a mirror or lens, focusing radio signals to specific devices on both sides of its surface.

Mobile devices may experience problems with receiving Wi-Fi signal, since their small size does not allow to place a fairly powerful antenna. However, a team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed an alternative solution.

They developed a smart RFocus plate, which increases the power of the signal by almost 10 times, while at the same time double the average bandwidth of the channel in the room. Such an effect is achieved due to the fact that more than 3,000 tiny antennas with special software are located on the sheet, which organizes and provides maximum reception. As a result, the plate collects radio signals throughout the plane, and then immediately reflects and focuses them from each side, directing the signal to the desired device.

According to the developers, the presented prototype RFOCUS is relatively inexpensive and consumes little energy, compared with traditional systems. At the same time, despite almost a tenfold signal improvement, the device only concentrates the signal, and the antenna themselves do not produce additional power.

The team says that the plate still requires designing, reduce the size and improvement of the design. As a result, they plan to create an inexpensive sheet, resembling a piece of wallpaper, which will allow you to cheap and efficiently enhance the Wi-Fi signal, 5G network or Internet devices.

In addition to improving existing, researchers also develop new data transmission systems. Previously, we reported on the development of a new data stream converter for 6G networks, providing speed

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