Invented a device for the destruction of mosquitoes with laser guidance


Bzigo has developed a room device that independently detects mosquitoes and marks them with a laser.

In addition to the annoyance at night, mosquitoes are carriers of many infections. Although currently there are various ways to deal with them, but in practice, mesh and insecticides still remain in practice. The first option is cumbersome and not universal, and the second is poorly suitable for pets and children.

Recently, a young technical startup offered an alternative innovative solution. The device created by the command works autonomously and consists of an infrared LED, high-resolution wide-angle chamber, customizable optics and processor. To detect a mosquito and observation of its movement, the system uses several machine view algorithms that distinguish the insect from other small objects and analyze its movement schemes.

After the insect detection, the device sends a notification to the smartphone and marks the laser pointer to its current location. The created prototype detects a mosquito in a few minutes, and the radius of its action is eight meters.

Bzigo has already patented technology and plans to begin mass production in 2021.

Various sensors and autonomous systems quickly penetrate our daily life. Recently developed

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