Intel has developed the processors of the 10th generation of the N series with a frequency of more than 5 GHz


Intel stated that the new Core I7 H-Series Core 8-generation Processors will be faster and they will be better scaled to eight nuclei.

At the International Electronics Exhibition CES, Intel representatives reported that the new line of processors would even faster the current Core i9 H, 9980HK series chips operating at 5 GHz. Although there is nothing surprising in raising speed, but noteworthy the choice is the smaller Core i7 line. Although one can expect that the new chip I9 will enter the market even faster than announced i7.

An increase in clock frequency along with an improvement in scalability by 8 cores will lead to a significant increase in performance.

So far, Intel representatives do not disclose other technical details, but they are expected to tell more during their speech on CES on Monday.

Recall that recently the company also presented her

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