In Russia, they spoke about the responsibility for the illegal turnover of digital assets


It is not quite clear how the state plans to track such payments. Will be searched and take gadgets?

This phrase slightly helps to understand the essence of the problems, but it does not promote us forward.

To own, you need to get this currency on your cryptococheries. That is, you need someone with you to calculate in Crypt. Or you need to purchase this economy somewhere.

While there are no answers, some questions.

▪️pot it as an asset, to earn money.

▪️Production as a means of payment.

Everything seems to be understood.

The problem marked in the note is solved simply enough. At least in theory. Legally, for example, all that is purchased on official exchanges. Under the delicate care of «attending doctors» from complens. Therefore, illegal personal cryptocoelek. So what?

It looks very interesting. The main thing: the same mechanism in which it will track is a cheerful farm will track.

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