Google has developed an envelope for smartphones that protects the user from «sticking» to the screen


Google has introduced a number of experimental application for digital detoxification of life, which should help smartphone users spend less time from screens.

One of the developers of the company actually represents a paper envelope to which the mobile device must be placed. Unlike existing protective covers, it allows you to call, use the autonabe function, recognize the time, and take pictures and record video (but not viewed).

Those who wish to use this method of digital detoxification is enough to download the Envelope application from the Play Store, print a PDF file with an envelope template and follow further instructions for creating it. When the user decides to take a break from the gadget, he just needs to put a smartphone into an envelope and tint it, developers recommend using glue.

After that, you can use the keyboard on the envelope to dial the numbers or to force the phone to report the current time. There is also another version of the device that allows you to take photos and videos.

To gain access to the gadget, you will need to break the envelope. Therefore, every time you have to use a new one.

However, it is not all that will be able to use this technology, since it is currently working only on Google Pixel 3A smartphones. Nevertheless, the company has posted an Envelope application code on GitHub, which allows everyone to make their changes and add new features.

Another Google application called Activity Bubbles creates on the start page bubbles each time the user removes the lock. Their number and size depends on the number and time of the view. If the screen is filled with bubbles, then this means that the user pays a gadget too much attention during the day.

For those who want to accurately monitor their time spent behind the screen, the company has developed the Screen StopWatch application. In fact, it is a stopwatch, which in real time displays the total duration of user activity.

In addition to these options, there are and

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