Google Assistant has a web page reading function loud with support for 42 languages.


Google reported that her assistant could now read entire pages in the browser with the possibility of various settings.

To activate it, it is enough to say: «Hey, Google, read this page.» After that, the program will begin to expressively read its contents aloud. In the menu, users will be able to configure the tempo of the declaignation, as well as one of several voice variants.

According to Jossi Matias, Google vice-president, this feature will allow transferring web pages to more than 42 languages, instantly transforming text in natural speech. In this case, the browser will independently select the contents and will automatically move the page.

Possible use options include listening to news in the process of driving a car, translation of text while traveling or help people with poor eyesight.

So far, the new feature is available only on the original Android platform for smartphones not lower than version 5.0.

However, advanced systems are capable not only to read, but also to write. Recently, scientists have developed AI, which

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