For Crypto Industry 2019 passed under the auspices of unjustified expectations


In general, for 2019, the crypto industry has demonstrated a significant increase, but she only managed to partially realize his potential.

Over the past 12 months, Bitcoin’s rate has grown almost twice, from $ 3,700 to $ 7,200, and in June and it reached $ 13880. Exponential growth at the time was caused by Facebook announcement on the launch of Libra’s own cryptocurrency, a secured basket of FIATA. However, regulators

At that time, the flame of hope supported the approach of the launch of Bakkt and the first delivery bitcoin futures. Many expected the actively promotable trading platform to attract the attention of many institutional investors who will start working directly from the BTS. September 29th

At the same time, the cryptocurrency projects themselves did not fulfill many of their promises. The platforms are also faced with serious problems of scalability, technical failures, hacks, and ordinary users still experience difficulties when working with them. In addition, there are still no uniform standards in the industry, most of the projects cannot interact with each other, and are often intended to solve narrow

Nevertheless, it should not be considered 2019 in the breakdown. During this period, many projects have significantly expanded their activities, a number of central banks began to study and develop their own digital currencies, more than half of the world’s leading universities

It is also not necessary to be disappointed in crypto industry. Despite the current downward trend, analysts predict a significant increase in Bitcoin’s courses after Halving in May 2020. Although Facebook postponed the launch date of Libra, but

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