Developed AI, which can compose emotional poems of different styles


Researchers have developed a unique system of artificial intelligence, which generates poetry with a certain emotional color.

Over the past decades, machine learning tools and computing technologies have moved significantly forward. Systems that are able to generate text and oral speech, such as voice helpers, robots and interactive devices, have been consumed.

Since most texts of songs are protected by copyright, the creation of a new lyrics is becoming increasingly challenging. Therefore, scientists from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs and the University of Friend have trained AI, how to make poetics correctly. However, instead of an accent on the structure and rhythm, they focused on the content and emotional component.

To do this, they collected a huge amount of texts from the largest electronic libraries and formed a database of words and expressions responsible for certain emotions, dividing them by category. They then used this database to teach a deep neural network with adapted GPT-2 architecture. In addition to emotions, the command also showed the system how to create texts with fantasy content.

During the tests, researchers asked people to evaluate the generated poems, as well as assess their quality. The created poetry with emotions of sadness and joy caused the corresponding response from respondents in 87.5% and 85% of cases, respectively. The system also successfully formed texts reflecting dreams or dreams.

So far, the car composes poems in English, but in the future developers plan to expand its lexical opportunities, improve the quality of the generated works and their complexity, as well as train new styles.

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