Created a device that can maintain liver life outside the body within a week


The device that allows to maintain the vital activity of human liver and even restore cells outside the body for whole seven days.

Until now, the liver could be maintained in a living condition outside the body a maximum of 12 hours. However, a group of surgeons, biologists and engineers from the Swiss Higher Technical School Zurich, the University of Zurich and a local hospital committed a breakthrough in transplantation medicine, which will help save many liver liver diseases and cancer.

After a weekly connection to the developed apparatus using a new perfusion technology, they were able to restore the full functionality of six of the ten human liver, which were recognized as unsuitable for transplantation. Although they still have to transplant, but they are already fully restored and are in good shape, which is important for the success of the operation.

According to researchers, the equipment imitates the natural processes of the body. After connecting the liver to special tubes, the machine pumps blood-enriched blood over oxygen and removes the old one. Passionated blood passes through the filter dialysis system, which cleans it as the kidneys.

In parallel, the device maintains the temperature of the organ at 37 ° C and displays bile from it.

In addition to improving technical devices, scientists discover new treatments. For example, recently researchers

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