Contact lenses with augmented reality are invented


Startup Mojo Vision introduced the working prototypes of contact lenses with integrated advanced reality technology.

For this, the developers have placed microfiles with a resolution of 14 thousand pixels per inch, wireless radio receivers, as well as image sensors and movements, so that they do not interfere with the eyes.

The first prototypes use wireless meals, but in the future the engineers plan to install batteries directly on the lenses and connect them to the smartphone. So far, a small external unit provides built-in energy devices and processes data obtained from sensors and sends information to the display.

Contact lenses can already display text and navigation instructions on the virtual display, highlight the outlines and form of objects, projecting the image on the retina in the field of view.

According to the developers, their technology will not only allow people to be distracted from phone screens, but also will help the weakness better oriented in the surrounding world. For example, helping to determine the smile and other expressions of the person of the interlocutor, read the inscriptions and navigate the surrounding world.

The company also plans to add

Mojo Vision has attracted $ 105 million investment for further development, but since lenses are considered medical equipment, the project requires the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities. However, the Office for Supervision of Products and Drugs The United States attributed a project to a category of breakthrough devices, so the coordination process accelerated and clinical trials have already begun.

Earlier, we also reported the development of contact lenses that are able to broadcast.

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