Books that will help organize business in the field of IT


Business in the field of information technology is associated with strong competition, in which it is impossible to keep leadership positions only at the expense of money infants. Now it is not enough to follow the trends, you need to use them right. We collected a list of diverse literature in Russian, which will help in this.

Author: J. Khank Reinvoter

Perhaps one of the best books for thymlides in Russian, which can be called the vocabulary of difficult cases of IT projects. Rhinevooter talks about the problems of work by Timlid and the methods of their decision. Most of all, the work will be useful to managers of small teams from 4-8 programmers engaged in different projects simultaneously.

Authors: Feld Brad, Cohen David

In this book, the experience of entrepreneurs from the sphere of IT was assembled, which have already embodied what you are just going to. The authors have collected the best tips of start-ups who have passed the program

David Cohen and Brad Feld have created a TechStars business accelerator for projects that are at the Early Development Stage. The authors face the issues of beginners daily and help them. According to Forbes, TechStars is located in the list of the best business accelerators on a row with YC, 500 Startups and Angelpad.

Authors: Kadurin A., Nikolenko S.

The first book of Russian authors about deep learning was exactly this edition, released 2 years ago. Deep models were a tool that can be applied to everything: huge data sets, new architectures and learning algorithms, as well as increased computing capacities. Neural networks have become the engine in a speech recognition and computer vision breakthrough, and the book describes in detail the entire history and main components of the revolution in this area. At the same time, the authors have tried to explain the principles of neural network principles without huge code blocks. The result was a serious material about deep learning in an exciting form.

Authors: Peter Diamandis, Stephen Kotler

The authors of bestsellers and futurists Peter Damandis and Stephen Kotler tried to solve the global problems, including energy, poverty and hunger. Then they introduce the reader with the chronicle of the use of exponential technologies, with the help of which the most influential entrepreneurs of our time have emerged to the top of the world business.

The entrepreneurial experience of Peter Diamandis reveals the confidence of the reader to him. Peter is the founder of the first company on the organization of space tourism Space Adventures and co-founder of the Zero Gravity airline. Stephen Kotler explored the stream condition and founded the Flow Genome technological center. The authors jointly conducted studies of technological convergence and how it will re-invent every part of our life — entertainment, transport, advertising, education, health care, food, retail and finance.

The book discusses all promising areas: AI, robotics, VR, digital biology, Internet of things, 3D printing, blockchain, as well as global gigabit networks. In addition to the opinions of the authors, there are notes from Ray Kurzweil, Farelela Williams and Tony Robbins.

Authors: Kelly Weinersmit, Zach Weinersmit

Dilute a list of serious books The product of the famous cartoonist Zack Weinersmit along with the Kelly Weinersmith researcher. A married couple talks about ten technologies that may be super-profile in the near future. The book provides both own research and interviews with scientists about the practical component of achievements. In this case, the veins chose completely different directions — from programmable matter to VR, from cosmic elevators to robototechnical structures. By combining the existing studies and conducting interviews with scientists, the authors offer a look at some of the possible options for development of the world and offer options to implement them in life.

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