black saturday crypto


So for 1 day were

The sale of bitcoin led to a fall in the rate by 20%, and a number of other coins lost much more.

Against the backdrop of global uncertainty, government-backed debt and precious metals will again attract attention.

This morning, gold is steadily developing a movement in the region of $1,780 per troy ounce, while Bitcoin is declining by more than 2%.

I’m afraid it certainly won’t be able to protect against market shocks.

From inflation? Well creative. Perhaps sometimes…

From geopolitical problems? I think not at all.

So, when some hotheads tell me that investing in crypto today is the most reasonable idea and the most secure investment … I just want to smile.

Crypto has shown itself great in the past – that’s a fact. Will it continue like this? Alas, in this place you can only put a big question mark …

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