Best CES 2020 Exhibition Projects


The exhibition of new CES 2020 technologies ends on January 10, which means it is time to sum up. Your attention is presented by the best CES 2020 technologies in their categories.

This nomination presents various adaptations to help level problems associated with human health: various hearing amplifiers, glasses, etc. The attention deserves the Lexilife table lamp, designed to help people with such a violation of reading, like dyslexia. Studies show that the lamp helps to clearly read the letters, allowing the brain to handle information, as if she comes from one «dominant» eye. When testing more than 300 people, 90% of participants reported improved reading skills.

Also, the exobeam device from MedExo Robotics, which improves the lives of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, is impossible. Exobeam is attached to the belt or patient cane, providing visual, auditory and tactile signals that help maintain a steady and consistent step.

This section presents smart clocks to track cardiac arrhythmias, mats-scales for posture monitoring and even a vibrator with artificial intelligence, but more than the rest surprised the Toothbrush COLGATE PLAQLESS PRO, which determines how much it is necessary to brush your teeth for complete withdrawal. The built-in sensor detects the formation of a dental plaque in the mouth, and the light ring around the toothbrush glows in a blue when you need to continue cleaning.

Presentations of unmanned autonomous cars are familiar to the interest of visitors, but much attention attracts a whole city with unmanned cars, which

U by Moen is a smart crane that is controlled by voice through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The user can adjust the exact amount of water and the temperature, which is very convenient for cooks. This technology is relevant for the shower.

TVs with a resolution of 8K were in fashion at the exhibition, but the Samsung Q950 has highlighted among competitors with its design without a frame. The absence of the frame looks quite interesting, given the highest image quality. Unfortunately, the content at 8k is currently not so much, but this year the situation will change.

Razer’s Kishi is a controller for iPhone or Android devices. Two joysticks, direction key and the ABXY buttons turn the phone into a sWitch-style pocket device. Unlike Razer Junglecat, which uses Bluetooth, Kishi is connected directly to the USB-C or Lightning port of the smartphone.

The world’s first folding tablet PC can still look a little strange, but now he is ready for the market to enter the market. ThinkPad X1 Fold is a maximum that you can expect from the folding tablet at the moment.

The exhibition featured many dancing and singing robots, but we focus on the practical component. In this aspect, attention is attracted by the information system from Sunflower Labs. This security system consists of three parts intended to track violators for private property. Quadcopter, equipped with motion sensors and vibration detects people, animals or vehicles within a radius of 20 meters. Drone can be configured so that it reacts only when the sensors detect the movement, or set the recovery mode for other needs.

A feature of video filming with drone Poweregg X is autofocus on the face. The universal quadcopter is used as a stabilized portable camera, which writes in 4K and has the ability to recognize individuals to help keep objects in the frame. In addition, Dron is waterproof.

Watergen Genny sucks moisture from the air, filters it and turns into drinking water. This is a surprisingly simple mechanism needed in regions with dirty water. The new Solar Genny works on solar panels, which makes it completely autonomous and especially valuable for rural areas.

The attention of the visitors to the exhibition also attracted SEPURA trashnik, which can separate solid particles from the liquid, sending food waste into a special container. When the basket is filled, the contents can be safely used as a compost.

Neon artificial people became the most discussed display of the exhibition, although they are just another variation of the digital assistant. Unlike the smart column, Neon has a face that is the main difference between the development of Samsung from the usual Google and Amazon products.

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