Astronomers discovered such a powerful explosion in the universe that they could not explain his cause


In the distant cluster of galaxies, the researchers recorded the most powerful explosion in the Universe since her birthday, and until they could understand what he could occur.

The epicenter of the explosion was the supermassive black hole in the galactic cluster of the snakesman, located at a distance of hundreds of millions of light years from the ground. According to scientists, the emission of energy from this explosion five times exceeded the indicators of the previous record holder.

He was so strong that he created a huge crater in a cluster plasma, in which 15 of these galaxies of the Milky Way could be placed in a row. Although astronomers have confirmed the authenticity and scale of the event in several methods, but still cannot explain what could be the cause of such a large explosion.

At first, the researchers did not believe the data obtained by considering them erroneous due to the enormous volume of the outbreak energy, but then the data of X-ray analysis was confirmed using radio telescopes of several observatories.

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