Airbus presented a prototype of a single aircraft without a separate fuselage


Airbus provided a new model of a passenger aircraft with a reduced fuselage, which externally creates the visibility of one large wing.

On the Singapore Airshow, the French Aircraft Gigant demonstrated the prototype of the innovative concept of the Maveric aircraft. Its design more resembles a «flying wing» type glider, commonly used for military bombers. Another difference from traditional standards is the location of engines, which are attached to vertical stabilizers above the rear of the aircraft.

Although Maveric is similar to transport from a sci-fi film, but Airbus claims that such a design reduces fuel consumption by 20% and improves aerodynamic characteristics.

The fusion of wings with the fuselage also makes it possible to upgrade the cabin and salon. A new design will make the inside of the aircraft wider and increase the total space. Therefore, it will be free on board and the ability to reduce the workload will appear.

Until now, only a remotely managed model was created with a wings of 3.2 meters, which engineers were used to test the viability of the Maveric concept. Since Airbus is one of the largest air producers of the world, actively implementing innovative developments, it is possible that soon we will be able to see aircraft with a solid wing on commercial flights.

Earlier, Airbus also introduced the concept of an airplane with feathers

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