About Rosnano and his debts.


Well, thank you, Lord — and VEB, finally, interrupted the tightened silence. Spoons, as we assumed, were found pretty quickly. I am interested in me — as with the sediment, what remained as a result of this story, the people should now burn with enthusiasm, thinking about buying new quasigos commitments? We understand that new buyers of obligations and GTLC, and VEB, and other different quasi statestructures will require a premium in profitability or state guarantees.

If new papers have such issuers there will be no state guarantee, the desire to buy them, understandable, will be less.

Did you not have an understanding for a couple of months before that there are problems and need to quickly decide?

By the way, Shuvalov stressed that Rosnano’s company was able to redeem on December 1 bond issuing 4.5 billion rubles without the help of WEB.

One of the solutions to the problem with the implementation of the debt obligations «Rosnano» discussed by the authorities suggests that the company will have a special sanator.

I repeat, after all that happened, it is hardly possible to expect that those who are afar of the unknown, threw off the paper with a discount, and also their acquaintances and friends will have a desire to play with state corporations and lend them to them …

Summing up under the above … The situation with Rosnano, in my opinion, caused the colossal damage to the reputation and states and its corporations, and questioned the professionalism of many participants in this action.

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