A new superpillable camera can shoot transparent objects at a speed of 1 trillion frame per second


Researchers have created a new ultra-fast chamber, which is capable of removing transparent objects and even such fleeting phenomena as shock waves or signals passing through neurons.

In 2018, scientists from the California Institute of Technology developed the fastest for today the camera, which

The new visualization system is based on the technology of phase sensitive compressed ultrafast photography. It combines a high-speed photographing system and phase-contrast microscopy technology that improves visualization. Since light waves change their speed when passing through transparent materials, then with optical techniques, scientists can measure these temporary differences, which makes it easier to see them.

The system also includes the so-called compressed ultrafast coding technology without loss. It makes single pictures, not a series, fixing all the movements that occurs in the time required to complete the frame, which allows you to capture even fleeting phenomena.

During his research, the team demonstrated the possibilities of a new chamber, captured the propagation of the shock wave in water and a laser pulse passing through a piece of crystalline material.

The developers claim that in the future, with the help of such a system, you can see small expansions of nerve fibers when the signals pass on them, which will allow to see the interaction of the whole network of neurons in real time.

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