A new rear view mirror Aston Martin simultaneously shows three video streams


Aston Martin has developed a hybrid rear-view mirror displaying video from three cameras immediately.

Although many automakers have already integrated cameras into their new cars to facilitate the review, but the British believe that on one standard display there is a sufficiently free space for displaying images at once from several blind zones of the driver.

Aston Martin Together with Gentex Corporation introduced a device that simultaneously reproduces three video streams from the cameras. Two of them are built into the rearview mirrors and one is located on the roof of the car.

In cloudy weather or in the event of a malfunction, the driver can use the display as a traditional mirror thanks to the dimming function or configure it for a combined display. In addition, the device automatically changes the angle of video streams with each setting of its position.

Next week, the company will demonstrate the prototype Full Display Mirror at the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES). However, it is still unknown when the novelty appears in Aston Martin serial cars.

Other automakers will not only improve the devices, but also want to move away from traditional concepts. For example, Tesla

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