52% of specialists came to IT from other spheres


Geekbrains and Researchme investigated how people come to the digital and informational sphere, why they decide to change the profession, as well as their main fears and incentives.

According to a survey conducted, each second specialist running in IT or Digital (52%) had to change the profession. At the same time, almost 64% of respondents work in the specialty that they received in high school, taking into account the fact that education allows them to be employed in different fields. The greatest share of such people among specialists up to 34 years and audience over 55 years old. More than half of the respondents over 35 years work is not specialty.

49% of those who changed the profession did it not for the first time. The main reasons for this are: the desire to try yourself in the new sphere (36%), the absence of wage growth prospects (31%), the inability to find work on the current specialty (24%).

The researchers also noted that more than half of the specialists who changed the work were engaged in additional education. Moreover, 49% of them studied at colleagues in the process of work, and 43% enjoyed free resources — read articles, watched video and lectures online. More than a third of respondents (38%) chose paid training in offline, and every fourth (23%) studied for a fee online.

Most (62%) respondents work in IT or Digital like more than the previous one.

The main feelings in the change of profession in 64% of cases are interest and in 49% of the desire to learn from a new one. Each fifth (22%) noted the feeling of freedom, 19% were joy, and 17% — fear. The main fear of changing the work is the lack of due experience and knowledge

For 86% of respondents, the change of profession has fully justified itself, although more than a third of the specialty replaced (36%) are ready to do this again in the future.

The survey was attended by 500 IT and DIGITAL-specialists: system administrators, testers, information security specialists, software developers, analytics, web developers and others.

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